Pump Candy

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Supporting modern mommies during their breastfeeding career.

Why we exist

Breastfeeding is a natural, nutritious, cost effective experience.  Pumping, on the other hand, is sterile, time consuming and tons of effort.  If you plan to continue feeding your little bundle after returning to work, however, pumping at work is going to be a cornerstone to your success.  Managing the bottle parts, the pump bag, the set up, the clean up, the schedule and the logistics of how to pump at work ...could lead even the most dedicated mom to consider giving up on pumping all together.

That is how I felt every week I pumped at work.

To make the process more intimate, more convenient, more stylish, I created Pump Candy Accessories.  It is my hope that these accessories provide that added motivation and convenience to support the breast feeding journey.


Amazing Fabric

When I finally found the dream fabric to make the Pump Shield, I knew this product would succeed in helping pumping moms continue their "nursing careers".  Product features include

  1. Flexibility: the Pump Shield is flexible enough to hold your used pump parts after pumping (no more wasted plastic bags!).
  2. Water Resistant: the Pump Shield acts as a water resistant cover.  You can store parts even when they are wet, and the item is easily cleaned by hand or in the washing machine!
  3. Antimicrobial:  the Pump Shield fabric is antimicrobial!  This shield makes it so much easier to keep those pump parts clean before they come in contact with your skin, and your baby's milk.



Did you know:

79% of newborn infants are breastfed at birth. At 6 months, this percentage fell to less than half. By one year, less than 30% of babies were still being breastfed, even though the recommendation is that breastfeeding continue through 1 year.
— Center for Disease Control