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Herbal Tea for Post Pregnancy Bladder Control

Timika HopkinsComment
Create a delightful infusion to help increase bladder muscle tone

Create a delightful infusion to help increase bladder muscle tone

Pregnancy Induced Incontinence

Remember that time in the first grade when you accidentally wet your pants?  Well, if you don’t just wait until those last 2-3 months of pregnancy, and you might just experience an embarrassing real life reminder. 

For many women, the growth of the uterus, placenta and baby place direct pressure on the bladder.  While some pregnant women avoid bladder problems, likely due to pelvic muscle tone combined with the way the baby is positioned, many complain that when the laugh, cough or sneeze they lose control of their bladder.  Pregnancy induce incontinence is common and it is hopefully temporary.  While I escaped issues with incontinence during pregnancy, I did note that stream control, or bladder muscle sphincter control, took a few weeks to a couple of months to fully restore itself after my first C-section delivery (the one where I pushed for multiple hours).  This may be an issue you are facing during your pregnancy or beyond, but there are some easy ways to combat this issue.

Remember to do the following:

Making sure you empty your bladder every 2 hours will keep you from accumulating an uncontrollable amount of urineWalking or approved exercise aimed at keeping your weight and the weight of the baby in a good range will also helpWhile you are out there walking, make sure to add kegel exercises to maintain as much control over your sphincter muscles as possible Wearing a pantiliner is a nice way to ensure that you have a little protection if a mistake happens Finally, post baby there are herbal mixtures and teas that can help to increase bladder/sphincter muscle tone You can combine the following herbs (once you clear this remedy with your medical professional or a certified Herbalist):

2 parts Horsetail

1 part Agrimony

1 part Sweet Sumach

Simmer in 1 cup of water for approximately 10 minutes for a delicious tea (drink 3x daily)

If many months have passed, and you are still facing incontinence issues, please see a genital specialist.  In some cases, surgery or physical therapy may be needed to restore the core and pelvic muscles.