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Top 5 ways Pregnancy Improves your Body

Timika HopkinsComment

Some ladies have all the fun, and pregnancy is just another instance where this statement rings true.  The truth is, there is no way to truly predict the effects pregnancy will have on you.  The only way to know for sure is to literally experience pregnancy.  However, it may make you feel better to look to the women in your family to hear more about their experiences (or whatever they remember), which may give you a bit of insight.

So, if you happen to be one of the oh-so-lucky mommies, here are the top 5 ways pregnancy can improve your body:


5. Hip Expansion:  

Now hip changes are an integral part to the pregnancy process.  As your body goes through the process of preparing for the eventual arrival of the baby, the pubic symphysis and other ligaments soften.  This allows those lovely hips to widen, and can add coveted curves to your silhouette. Can anyone sing “I feel like a woman!”?


4.  Increased Sexual Pleasure:

For many women, there is an unexpected side effect to completing a vaginal delivery.  Once postpartum recovery is relatively complete, and the 6 week OK to resume intimacy has been issued, many women discover they are better able to participate in more “robust” and “frequent” sexual relations than pre-baby! Women frequently fear that their bodies may not feel as pleasing or taut to their partners.  They also worry that their own pleasure may be diminished due to pelvic floor changes. Instead many couples report enjoying the increased vaginal blood flow, decreased inhibitions and increased frequency of relations that comes with a “seasoned” woman!


3. Hair for days!

During pregnancy the hormone Estrogen extends the “growth phase” of your hair.  For many women this long growth phase allows the hair to continue beyond previous lengths.  Women of all ethnic backgrounds can experience their hair becoming thicker and longer, as they shed less and less hairs.  In one mom’s case, her fortified hair extended down to hip length for the very first time in her life.  It was amazing to see.  Unfortunately, though, there can be rapid shedding after breastfeeding ends, and hormone levels return to their previous baseline.  


2. You're Glowing!

The softening of the female body during pregnancy is one of the final steps to developing “a womanly shape”.  Transforming from a hard bodied young lady (flatter chest, slimmer hips, less cushion), to a full fledged wo-man can be quite the unexpected surprise.  Finding ways to embrace the new curves, while maintaining a healthy weight becomes the new fitness goal for many new moms.


1. Good gracious, I need new bras!

For the modestly busted woman, pregnancy can offer the all natural boost to the bust line that puberty may have cheated her! But ladies beware, there can be quite a bit of fluctuation between prenatal breast development to postnatal engorgement to post breastfeeding cup size.  Buy new bras in moderation, on an as needed basis.  That lingerie total makeover will take some time!