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Pump and Dump Dilemma

Timika Hopkins1 Comment

Having a baby, if done by the book, takes over your life! Prenatal check-ups, vitamins, work life balance changes, exhaustion…this all comes with the territory.  With my pregnancies, I followed nearly every rule, just to be safe. With every new rule I would justify my commitment by thinking, “What’s so hard about waiting 9 months to eat this cold deli meat?  Sushi isn’t that tasty anyway! Who needs a hot tub? Daily Horse Pills?…Well, It’s only 40 weeks!”  I was good. There is just one area that I refused to commit to after the first attempt to abide by the rules.  The Pump and the Dump.

My first drink after having my daughter came 20 months after I stopped drinking.  That was 3 months of pre-pregnancy prep time, 9 months of actual pregnancy, and 8 months until having the energy to even think about a drink.  When the night finally came, my 8 month old was fast asleep, and I happily popped open a bottle of wine.  I’d read the articles, and spoken to friends, and I was told I needed to (1) Breastfeed the baby in order to empty the breasts of milk. (2) Drink said wine. (3) Pump my milk on the machine. (4) Dump.  Yes, dump the milk. 

I will admit that I dumped my milk one time. I will admit that I inspected that milk throughout the entire process – after each small pour I smelled it, peered at it, and swished it around in the bottle to see if it looked any different.  Finally I poured it out completely.   I also admit that I never pumped and dumped again!  I refused.  All that effort of pumping was too valuable, so the next time I had a glass of wine I used the milk.  With no noticeable affect on my babes,  I vowed that my milk would never end up down the drain again, because when it comes to spilled {breast} milk, I actually DO cry over it!

So what is you take on the subject?  Do you pump and dump your breast milk when you drink alcohol? Avoid alcohol until no longer breastfeeding? Or just drink and feed the baby once the alcohol has processed through your system?  

*As a disclaimer, I will say that after 20 months of not drinking, I could barely finish a glass of wine for some time! There was no heavy drinking on my end at all*