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Five Great Books to Read While Breastfeeding

Timika HopkinsComment

It seems like today's modern mommies are using the Internet to search for quick and useful information on breastfeeding and other parenting related topics. There are endless resources, from blogs to youtube videos to facebook pages that can answer the many questions mothers have while on their breastfeeding journey. The Internet is a great tool, but sometimes a good old-fashioned trip to the bookstore can do your body good.  

Now, I swear by my Amazon Prime account, so all of my books are delivered straight to my door, but I must admit there is something so nostalgic and calming about a trip to the bookstore (or library-which my kids love).  So, if you are feeling inspired to take a chance, unplug from all those social media sites and mommy forums, and pull out a good old-fashioned book. There are so many great books on parenting and breastfeeding to choose from.  If you are up for it- here are five amazing books that were specifically published to help you with your breastfeeding and parenting journey.

This book focuses on creating healthy relationships with your new baby. You may feel like "Attachment Parenting" is not your style, but this book has a lot of advice on how to start, maintain, and encourage a healthy breastfeeding relationship. 


This is a great book for those mothers needing a little help with a routine for juggling pumping, working and maintaining a successful breastfeeding relationship.  It has insightful and practical tips that are super easy to incorporate into your routine


 This is a great parenting book with multiple views on parenting. It is also a great book to read while pumping or even during breaks at work. It is both comedic and informative. 


This is another great book for those who are planning to work after the baby is born.  We all know pumping on it's own is a full time commitment. Having a few resources in your repertoire will help you overcome the transition back to work. This book gives great advice on how to do it. 

The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding
By Diane Wiessinger, Diana West, Teresa Pitman

This book is supported by La Leche League, which is wonderful because it is a great resource.  Anyone who has or plans to breastfeed should soak up the information that this book has to offer. This book will help you understand breastfeeding so well that you will be a "breastfeeding pro" in no time at all.