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Read on to find answers to that pressing question: What to pack in my pump bag when I go back to work?

Do I really have to do this whole pumping at work thing?  I spent 9 months carrying my son, I labored, delivered and provided for him after his birth, and now I HAVE TO PUMP TOO?! 

I easily remember how much I wanted to continue breast feeding my kids.  I thought I could make it to a year with no problem.  I was strong, I was dedicated…there was no way this little baby could conquer me and my goals.  But it is amazing what a little sleep deprivation and some around the clock feedings will do to a mommy’s determination level.  When it was time to go to work- I dreaded the whole pumping idea.  Where would I pump? When would I pump? Where could I clean the parts and store the milk?  The questions were endless.  So, in an effort to help all the other mommies who come after me…here is a list of my favorite products, my best tips and the way I tackled the whole pumping thing.

Step 1. Be prepared.  Youtube it, read blogs, and actually pack your pump items a week or two before going back to work.  This helped me to see all of the needed items, and gave me time to pick up things I missed.

Step 2. Talk to other moms.  A few friends went back to work before I did because their maternity leaves ended.  I asked them how they structured their days so I could do a mental walk through for my own days.

Step 3. Reach out to work to let them know you WILL be returning, and that you WILL be feeding your baby.  Ask them where moms pump, so you can get a sense of where you will spend those few quiet solo moments while at work.

Step 4. Relax.  You have resources. You can do this.  If you need a pep talk, email me your number and I will give you one!  You got this!


Here are the items that helped me get through it all:

Pump Shields  (Pump Candy Product Coming Soon!)

Pump Mat (Pump Candy Product Coming Soon!)

Lotion,hand sanitizer, power source, phone with headphones or good book

Baby picture/worn article of clothing (really helped in the first 1-2 weeks of pumping).